Thursday, 27 October 2011

Blake Lively carrying the Mulberry Oversized Taylor in Gossip Girl

Last night Blakely Lively; as Serena Van Der Woodsen in Gossip Girl, carried the Mulberry Oversized Taylor in Bright Cabbage green all episode. Having originally been a little dubious about the bright cabbage green on such a large bag I was completely glued to the screen. Previously seen on Fearne Cotton in grim London, the Calofornian sunshine certainly helped me warm to this beautiful bag! The Oversized Taylor is also available in black, deer brown, mole grey and red onion.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Mulberry Iphone Cover in Croc Nappa Foxglove Pink

Made of lambs skin from New Zealand and embossed with a crocodile effect and tanned foxglove pink in Italy, this IPhone cover is a beauty! It has sold out throughout the Mulberry company but our friends at My-Wardrobe still have it in stock. Hurray!! >>
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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Indian Summer?

"An Indian summer is a meteorological phenomenon that occurs in the autumn. It refers to a period of considerably above normal temperatures, accompanied by dry and hazy conditions, usually after there has been a killing frost. Depending on latitude and elevation, the phenomenon can occur in the Northern Hemisphere between late September and mid November."

If this is what we're in for, we need to start re-working the transitional trends. Inspiration; Fashion week's front row!

All images courtesy of the wonderfully talented Tommy Ton.
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Monday, 4 July 2011

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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Bikini Brainbox

It may seem a little premature but the ‘booking holiday’ race has well and truly begun. A substantial amount of your fellow employees are probably day dreaming at their desks right now! But have they thought what bathers they’ll be wearing whilst their sipping on that ice cold beer / sangria / mojito... No.

It dawns on me every year, right at the last minute, that I should have gone bikini shopping before I start pre-empting what not to wear before holiday: We all do it - Purposely don't wear particular clothes so they won't need to be washed again before being packed. This is usually about 1-2 weeks prior to holiday for me.

Now I don't know whether it is because I'm more excited than usual for our annual Laundry Room "staff training" week in Ibiza, but I have started to investigate the bikini options very early this year. And quite honestly, I don't know why I haven't before: Swimwear, it's part of the spring summer season collections, which I have been happily buying since, well, late January; I'm disappointed every year when I finally find a bikini I like, but they only have the top in my size; and lets face it, no one is serious about a bikini body diet until you see your wintery white self in a bikini buying changing room! Urgh!

So, I've put together a selection of the nicest bathers I could find (for winter. Spring begins in a week or so!). Take a look, they wont be lounging around for long >>

Trunks to follow in male due course...